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Old Blue Sound:  In the sound reinforcement business since 1998

Alvin, Cate, Dick, Paul

Old Blue Sound provides sound reinforcement to Bluegrass and Acoustic musicians and bands, providing quality sound to Bluegrass event producers.

Old Blue Sound Jingle by Marty Warburton and Home Girls

Prescott Daily Courier

“Currey added that the Prescott festival employs Old Blue Sound, one of the finest bluegrass sound companies in America, to produce its show.”

AudioPhile Review mentions Old Blue Sound

“Just like most music lovers I’ve heard more bad sound reinforcement than good, but sometimes the good can come from modest amounts of gear. Old Blue Sound Company, who do the Mid-Winter Bluegrass festival in Northglenn, CO, have year in and year out with many different equipment combinations, delivered more than merely adequate sound for that fest. I usually try to sit close to their board, near the back of the hall, because their sound is nicely balanced and not too loud.”

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